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My Life Idol~Eco friendly Ganesha~Minal Lele

My Life Idol~Eco friendly Gane...

Her Social cause

Sep 15,2018


Minal Lele from Mumbai (India), has devoted her life to making Eco-friendly Ganesha idols which are in great demand in India and o...

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An Ambassador of Goodwill~ Marlene Govender

An Ambassador of Goodwill~ Mar...

Her Social cause

Aug 28,2018


Durban resident Marlene Govender’s major ambition in life is to become an ambassador for South Africa and a sincere economic pla...

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Empowering women one step at a time ~Rebecca Reichmann Tavares

Empowering women one step at a...

Her Social cause

Jul 08,2018


Even though about 50% of the worlds population consists of women, even the most advanced countries are yet to achieve complete acc...

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In Perfect RHYTHM with body, mind and soul~ Meghana Reddy Gundlapally

In Perfect RHYTHM with body, m...

Her Sports

Jun 28,2018


Rhythmic gymnastics is the only sport played exclusively by women. Champion rhythmic gymnast Meghana Reddy tells us that the exerc...

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Football champ with a solid kick!~Khalida Popal

Football champ with a solid ki...

Her Social cause

May 28,2018


Afghanistan-born Khalida Popal has got what it takes to rise above formidable and complex circumstances – guts and determination...

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Lubna Qassim: The Advocate of ...

As a lawyer of global reputation, Lubna Qassim, has made immense contribution to the legal landscape, and created milestones in Gender Equality...

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Dancing her way into fitness g...

From a professional dancer to a manufacturer of fitness clothing, Devanshai Vaishnav's Antifactory has become a most sought-after brand...

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