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Amazing memories of memorable tours

Amazing memories of memorable ...

Her Travel & Tourism

Dec 06,2017

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Australia-based Travelshoot, founded by Sarah Pearce in 2012, helps global tourists meet best local cameramen and make their travels memorable with extraordinary shots! ...

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In Seventh heaven with the HARP!

In Seventh heaven with the HAR...

Her Arts & Entertainment

Oct 21,2017

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The young harpist Anushka Lewis made the best of a heaven-sent opportunity to master the intriguing and fascinating musical instrument. Apart from her zeal to strum the harp, she also loves to hold concerts, cook, eat, watch TV, sing --- and dance! ...

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A setback: A set up for a step up

A setback: A set up for a step...

Her Startup

Oct 05,2017

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Geraldine Eve is a passionate, hardworking young female entrepreneur who has defied the odds and is running 143 Communications, a firm that specialises in Social Media Management. From a single person running a business from home, her business has grown in leaps and bounds...

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The Incredible Equestrian Champ!

The Incredible Equestrian Cham...

Her Sports

Sep 26,2017

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At an early age Sophie Christiansen was handicapped; notwithstanding, at 6 she started riding horses, at 24 won 3 Gold medals at Paralympics Games; she also works as an analyst at a global bank, and shall we add - horses are her best friends! ...

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Her Sports

Sep 23,2017

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Vantika Agrawal was hardly 8 when she fingered the chess board, and now at 14, she is a WIM - a mind-blowing feat! The next move -- Grand Master! ...

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The Advocate of Gender Unity...

As a lawyer of global reputation, Lubna Qassim, has made immense contribution to the legal landscape, and created milestones in Gender Equality...

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On the Voyage into Happiness...

The co-founders of Made-in-Happy, Arwa Amranwala and Sakina Bagasrawala, are happy people who make vintage era handmade gifts as per the buyer's choice to make everyone happy ...

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