About Us

We are proud to dedicate this platform exclusively to Women – from grassroots to those who are in leading positions in all professions. Women, single or married, who had to surmount immense difficulties at home and outside and overcome prejudices to experience independence, self-respect and success.

We share Success Stories of Women Leaders and Independent women in India and around the world.

These women share their Entrepreneurial challenges and how they overcame them.

Our aim is to narrate amazing stories, interviews and news reports of women from around the globe on the incredible impact they have made on their own lives and on people around them. How they overcame initial fear and low-esteem when trapped in degrading situations from which it was very difficult to escape. Sometimes the women just felt stuck and felt there was no way out. And yet made a substantial and growing contribution to their own families, local communities and global economy.

In modern times, women are playing a momentous role in various sectors, and building incredible startups, products, and have founded some prominent ventures. We will include stories from this sectors, as well as from Healthcare, Education, Arts, Sports, Personal Services, Bureaucracy, Info Tech, Entertainment, Fashion, Hospitality, Trade, Construction, Farming, and so on.

These are moving accounts of dedication, conflict, tragedy and triumphs – dramatic but true. Each narrative will inspire readers and provide a greater understanding of the crucial role these women have played in turning their world upside down.

Herewith, we extend a warm welcome to you all to share your experiences. Treat this as your own personal platform from which you can inspire, encourage, strengthen and provide hope to make life a beautiful adventure!