Latest Women Success Stories

  • Reach for the Sky!

    As 4-year-old girl, Susan Mashibe, dreamed of owning her own aircraft....she did, but in between there were some shocks, surprises, and rewards, too!

  • Lubna Qassim: The Advocate of Gender Unity

    As a lawyer of global reputation, Lubna Qassim, has made immense contribution to the legal landscape, and created milestones in Gender Equality

  • Dancing her way into fitness gear

    From a professional dancer to a manufacturer of fitness clothing, Devanshai Vaishnav's Antifactory has become a most sought-after brand

  • Faith can move mountains

    Sujata Sahu's 17000ft Foundation provides tribal communities in remote Ladakh mountain villages with opportunities to upgrade their lives

  • Africa's Superwoman Flying Doctor

    Dr Ola Orekunrin, Founder and Managing Director of Flying Doctors Nigeria Ltd, launched West Africa’s first air ambulance service to provide urgent medical help to critically injured people

  • WINK: A heaven for creative talent

    Pilot, fashion model, successful entrepreneur...she hugged trials to become strong and succeed. That's our young Australian friend Taryn Williams. There's more to her than meets the eye!

  • CeweQuat Strength for the Inner Soul

    Bunga Mega emerged tough from the dark world of sexual abuse and found purpose in life, to make women around her brave and bold

  • Tryst with Menstrual Hygiene ~ Filipa Carreira

    Over 1,000 girls have benifitted from Filipa Carreira's Mozambique-based Wamina, a quality menstrual hygiene product that exudes feminine self-confidence

  • Devotion to Dance

    Anusia Pillay's fondness and passion for Indian classical dance is so intense that this South African of Indian origin claims "my passion for dance started before birth" !

  • Honeycombers: A Sweet Taste of Singapore's Lifestyle

    Australian Chris Edwards Honeycombers shares online the best of Singapore's quality lifestyle and the city's enticing secrets with the audience

  • Jazz Up the Jazz!

    The BOM Squad, founded by Svetana Kanwar, is an 8-member, all-girls Jazz crew each one an adept dancer, has livened up the the Jazz scene with their carefree and jolly dance performances

  • Women are changing logistics industry

    LogiNext is the leading name in logistics prevalent in 10 countries, and young entrepreneur Manisha Raisinghani's archetype is inspiring other women to make inroads into the male-dominated industry

  • Wisdom from Ordeals

    She herself passed through a very painful journey of overwhelming and complex hardships, but today Fiona Boyd, CEO & Co-Founder of ParentPaperwork, tells women to explore the untapped power they posse

  • Fitness Trainer Par Excellence

    Skeptics doubted, but Swetha Subbiah emerged as the first few women fitness trainers in Bengaluru and set up Sweat by Swetha training centre

  • Freshen Up with Frotel ~ Priyanka Kothmire

    Her new concept of Hourly-Booking has taken the hospitality industry honchos by storm, and now Frotels, an innovation of Priyanka Kothmire, has presence in over 100 cities in India

  • Gourmet Burgers with Love

    Yummy and healthy in-house burgers from Head Chef Sarah Lin's Carvers and Wolf Burgers have tickled Singaporeans' palate in a big way

  • Friend of Modern Mums

    Motherhood need not be a cause for sacrifice, says Naiyya Saggi, CEO & Co-Founder, BabyChakra, a trusted companion for modern mother and one-stop platform for child care in India

  • Handcrafted with Love n Care

    Ex-fashion designer, multi-tasking mother and now an authority on handicrafts, Soumya Arji's NGO Gift a Life Trust is making the lives of women artisans more productive and profitable

  • Champion of Woman's Might

    As President & CEO of Girl Power United, Nakisha Varlack's quest is to help teen girls and women achieve eminence in their respective fields through life's challenges

  • The Jewel of Indian Chess

    She has shown to the world how high women can reach in any field with dedication. Humpy Koneru was a chess player at just 6, became champion at 14, and she's a movie buff, too!

  • Exquisite Shoes for Happiness by Shaherazad Umbreen

    The fashionable and in-demand handcrafted brand directly supports the well-being of women living in poverty and empowers them to support each other

  • Mantra for Success

    Work hard, be honest, believe in yourself and be calm in the face of competition, admonishes entrepreneur Shaheda Nausheen on whose shoulders rests the responsibility of three family enterprises

  • Zivame: For the Love of Lingerie

    Richa Kar and her four team mates have created Zivame, every woman's most-loved lingerie brand which is in the fashion forefront

  • The Tide is Turning~Helena Saboori

    Afghan citizen Helena Saboori broke many taboos and overcame numerous odds against women to become a swimming champion in Afghanistan and mature into a role model

  • Gorillas on My Mind

    The first veterinary doctor in the Uganda Wildlife Authority, Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka is wholly engaged in protecting and nursing African gorillas who are the most endangered species in the world

  • The French Feast

    Starting from zero, Babita Karkaria's love for food and freedom blossomed into The French Window Patisserie. Patrons swear it's a distinctive culinary experience...asking for more!

  • Babies in the Pink!

    Happibo, launched by Harshada Joshi, is ready-to-feed baby food to help mothers give the taste of healthy fruits and vegetables to their growing babies

  • Judith Msonthi~ No Room for Gloom!

    Judith Msonthi, Founder of Judie Emcee, prayed a lot and shook all negativity off to become a top woman presenter of corporate and social events in Malawi

  • Global podium for style-aware shoppers

    Motherhood and ambition brought out the best in Australian entrepreneur Renee Lodens whose unique go-to online local shopping guide Travelshopa serves three continents...and more is about to follow!

  • On the Voyage into Happiness

    The co-founders of Made-in-Happy, Arwa Amranwala and Sakina Bagasrawala, are happy people who make vintage era handmade gifts as per the buyer's choice to make everyone happy

  • Passion for Empowering Women

    Cochin, India-based Anooja Nair's online enterprise Rareitis offers rural women weavers and artisans their hard work's worth and also acts as a platform for urban women to buy handlooms and artifacts

  • Hail TAXI- By Women, For Women!

    The Priyadarshini Taxi Service was founded by the go-ahead advocate-entrepreneur-mother Susieben Shah to train and employ economically backward class women of Mumbai (India) to drive taxis in which women riders feel safe, snug and serene

  • Disciple of Divine Energy

    The amazingly gifted Akanksha Joshi -- painter, artisan, marathon runner, housewife, and mother -- has devoted her life consoling and healing people through sacred Reiki therapy of which she is a Master

  • KAGIDER: Model for Gender Equality

    In Turkey's male-assertive culture, KAGIDER, co-founded by Ms Sanem Oktar, is reversing the trend of gender inequality by raising the number of women entrepreneurs

  • Dreamer to Entrepreneur

    The label BonOrganik, for organic baby wear, was conceived by Niharika Verma, Founder, BonOrganik Apparels, India, in her kitchen! ...and both moms and babies are enamored by it.

  • More POWER to Women in Rural Africa

    Lindy Wafula, Founder & CEO, Village Ventures International, Kenya, provides village women with business skills in various vocations to help them earn a living and also support their families


    Vantika Agrawal was hardly 8 when she fingered the chess board, and now at 14, she is a WIM - a mind-blowing feat! The next move -- Grand Master!

  • Sophie Christiansen~ The Incredible Equestrian Champ!

    At an early age Sophie Christiansen was handicapped; notwithstanding, at 6 she started riding horses, at 24 won 3 Gold medals at Paralympics Games; she also works as an analyst at a global bank, and shall we add - horses are her best friends!

  • In Seventh heaven with the HARP!

    The young harpist Anushka Lewis made the best of a heaven-sent opportunity to master the intriguing and fascinating musical instrument. Apart from her zeal to strum the harp, she also loves to hold concerts, cook, eat, watch TV, sing --- and dance!

  • Sarah Pearce ~Amazing memories of memorable tours

    Australia-based Travelshoot, founded by Sarah Pearce in 2012, helps global tourists meet best local cameramen and make their travels memorable with extraordinary shots!

  • A Sticker for KABADDI : Ashwini Chougule

    GOLD medalist KABADDI champion Ashwini Chougule, a farmer's daughter, faced criticism from fellow villagers for wearing shorts. But she did not give up her passion for the game KABADDI - and became an inspiration to others

  • Saxophonist Unstoppable! ~Anjali Shanbhogue

    Anjali Shanbhogue is zealous about playing her favourite musical instrument - Saxophone. She has given over 1,000 performances in India and overseas, and she is still going strong. What began as a hobby is now her lifelong passion!

  • Carol Fox ~ Beautiful, Brainy and Bold!

    There have been a number of women athletes with amazing skills from every nation. Australia's Carol Fox is one among them. For this beautiful and graceful young lady, it took true grit to succeed in the male-dominated arena of sports, and inspire fellow women to enter sports.

  • Joy Ogbebo ~ THE TOP FLIGHT!

    Joy Ogbebo's ascent from Cabin Crew to Head of Cabin and Inflight Services has been astonishing. It's been a blend of glamour and grit, with exciting and suspenseful moments. The Nigerian adventure-seeker recently turned entrepreneur with her own company, Mamaj Aviation, an aviation consulting firm

  • Hanane Bankhallouk~ Superwoman Shapes Super Women

    When women the world over are battling for their rights, Hanane Bankhallouk from UAE redeems women from a desperate state of affairs to help them reach a state of achievement and contentment

  • From Bride to Make up Artist~Sarrah Mukadam

    Young wife and mother Sarrah Mukadam is one of the most successful and highly recommended make-up artists today. Her innovative make-up concepts are highly sought-after by women of all ages and from all walks of life.

  • Football champ with a solid kick!~Khalida Popal

    Afghanistan-born Khalida Popal has got what it takes to rise above formidable and complex circumstances – guts and determination! She defied men and society, and even Taliban to become an award-winning international football star!

  • In Perfect RHYTHM with body, mind and soul~ Meghana Reddy Gundlapally

    Rhythmic gymnastics is the only sport played exclusively by women. Champion rhythmic gymnast Meghana Reddy tells us that the exercise is an amazing combination of sport, art and dance

  • An Ambassador of Goodwill~ Marlene Govender

    Durban resident Marlene Govender’s major ambition in life is to become an ambassador for South Africa and a sincere economic player to upgrade the quality of living for people of the vast continent

  • My Life Idol~Eco friendly Ganesha~Minal Lele

    Minal Lele from Mumbai (India), has devoted her life to making Eco-friendly Ganesha idols which are in great demand in India and overseas. She is the Founder of eGanesha. Before she could make this enterprise a success, she faced an acid test...find out!

  • The Wizard of Numbers~Shakuntala Devi

    Shakuntala Devi possessed an amazing ability – she solved complex mathematical problems in seconds without any mechanical aid. Because of her extraordinary talent she became known as ‘The Human Computer’.

  • Fearless and Resilient Selena Gomez

    American idol Selena Gomez, whose name means The Moon, has passed through the dark side of the satellite planet as a young child, but now she stands in its glow which reflects fame and success

  • ZEST~Nothing But the Best~Jeenal Tank

    Jeenal Tank is a young enterprising woman who is in the business of spreading sweetness wherever she is – at home, workplace, offices, hotels, restaurants, celebrations and so on. Yes, she makes chocolates – ZEST Chocolates! Different taste, unique packaging and made from pure raw ingredients, they are in great demand – always!

  • The Jewel in the Crown~Thirtha Uthappa

    Thirtha Uthappa has had a highly successful career in top MNCs, but gave it all up to follow her true passion – design jewellery. Her brand Samaara is truly her crowning achievement – each piece a jewel in the crown of her most successful enterprise

  • Life is not defined by gender...says Stacki Yu

    Stacki Yu, a top Chinese HR executive in a multinational company in America, believes that both men and women should be treated as equal – with equal access to resources and opportunities

  • Creative journey of MOMPRENUER Rashmi

    Even as a mother of two children never restrained Rashmi Kulkarni from becoming an entrepreneur -- and a very successful one at that!  Her brainchild Studio Tarang is the outcome of her passion for art and creativity. 

  • First Australian female brewery Two Birds creates new waves

    The fearless and finest Australian women, Danielle Allen and Jayne Lewis build successful career starting their beer nest Two-Birds-Brewing, set out to change Beer in both its consumption and its brewing, is no longer a male dominated industry.

  • First Indian women certified as caste and religion less citizen

    Defying the accustomed norm of identifying one’s social location based on caste and religion, Sneha Parthibaraja from India, a country so deeply rooted in its religious and cultural ethos, has taken a paradoxical step by getting a caste and religion less identity certificate issued.


    Aditi Gupta from India sheds light on myths and facts that surround menstruation in her research project Menstrupedia, an illustrated reference guide for parents, girls and boys that provides complete and correct information on the monthly periods -- a ritual that reinforces the woman's power and strength