UAE Passes Equal Pay law

The UAE cabinet approved a legislation of equal pay for men and women to bring more females into its workforce.

In a step forward for women's rights, the UAE Cabinet approved a bill that guarantees equal pay for men and women in the workforce.

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai said via Twitter, "The Council of Ministers drafted the first legislation of its kind for equality in salaries and wages between the sexes. With the force of law, we do not want any exception in providing equal opportunities for both sexes." 

He further added, "Our Constitution is of equal rights and duties of the sexes and we seek to elaborate, enforce and guarantee this constitutional right through the new law."

In the 2017 World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap report, the UAE ranked 120 out of 144 countries globally, but it was still making small strides to close the gender gap, opposing the global trend in areas such as health, education, politics and the workplace for women.

Iceland ranks first on the World Economic Forum’s 2015 global gender gap index, followed by fellow Nordic nations Norway, Finland and Sweden. In UAE Women make up 66 per cent of public sector workers, and 30 per cent of them are in leadership roles. 

The UAE aims to be among the world’s top nations in women’s empowerment and gender equality, officials and academicians said.

The Womenz Bureau welcomes this bold move of the U.A.E.


First Published: 04-May-2018- 18:34



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