A setback: A set up for a step up ~Geraldine Eve

Geraldine Eve is a passionate, hardworking young female entrepreneur who has defied the odds and is running 143 Communications, a firm that specialises in Social Media Management. From a single person running a business from home, her business has grown in leaps and bounds

In a small dusty town of Kwekwe in Zimbabwe an eight year old sells cool drinks at a bus terminus, she is dirty and she is the mock of her classmates. She feels hurt and embarrassed, but her grandmother tells her gently not to be ashamed of hard work as long as she is doing something that is honest. An entrepreneurial spirit is born in this child on this day. As her mother also teaches her how to keep chickens for resale, she is taught how to run a business from an early age. And from an early age she wanted to run her own business. Whilst some of her college mates at university would look for sugar daddies to supplement their needs at college she sold cakes and samosas, and her efforts did not go unnoticed. The Students department at the university offered her a chance to run a small business on campus, she ran the tuckshop for a year before going for attachment.

Geraldine Eve

It is rather not surprising that she now runs 143 Communications, a firm that specializes in Social Media Management. They now have two branches in two of the largest Cities in Zimbabwe, Harare and Bulawayo. But she had to have a set back in order to be set up for a step up.

Geraldine Eve got fired from a job that she had invested in for more than three years when she least expected it, she had just enrolled for her masters in Business Intelligence, which was very expensive, and she thought that life had dealt her with a blow. For days she would not get out of bed and sobbed herself to sleep every night. The road was dark a dreary and she had no hope. Then she got offered two jobs, one from the previous competitor and one from one of the reputable organisations in the country. She realised, she was wasting her potential. With nothing but her determination and passion, she founded 143 Communications. 143 is a numerical representation of 1- I 4-love 3-you, which means that they love their clients and when one loves someone  they do anything to make sure that they are satisfied. 143 Communications goes the extra mile for their clients. Being beautiful and young her driving motto  was often misrepresented by some of the male counterparts she met whilst trying to get business. Some of them thought that she would be willing do have affairs with them to get business, but she said NO, with her head held up high, she walked away, and has never regretted making those decisions.

Geraldine Eve leading the team

The road has not been easy for them, with the Zimbabwean economy plummeting and companies cutting their budgets they had penetrate into the market with a service that had not been popular at the time when they started their company. Most companies either thought they could just add on social media management duties to their existing personnel, or do without it all together. But through sheer handwork and God's grace they have reached height they never thought they would reach and they are aiming to expand into the region, then the continent then the world with a vengeance.

Geraldine, we at TheWomenz team express our earnest appreciation for sharing your encouraging story with us. We believe it will surely stimulate fellow women in every country and continent in the world.

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First Published: 05-Oct-2017- 08:53