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Bunga Mega emerged tough from the dark world of sexual abuse and found purpose in life, to make women around her brave and bold

The Womenz team had an opportunity to interact with Ms. Bunga Mega from Indonesia. She is Co-Founder & Chief Community Officer- COMMUNITY REPUBLIC, Founder – CeweQuat,  Founder -  WomaNation.  Here is what she shared with us with  open heart  

Bunga, would you mind revealing the kind of sexual, verbal and physical abuse you endured in relationships? It will help women the world over draw courage from your experience. 

I experienced both verbal and physical abuse within that relationship, where I was told that I am nothing and will be nothing without his existence. I feel ugly about myself and at those times I have to be honest that I felt stupid to keep him still. In that one particular moment, I decided to stop being treated as a dumb no matter how he proudly exclaimed he loved me. I dared myself to step out from that corrupt relationship and thanked God that He gave me that power. I came out clear to help women out there to stop wasting their time on that kind of people in a corrupt relationship

What was so disgusting and humiliating about the experience that made you unacceptable to yourself? 

I was five the first time I was walking down around my neighborhood where a group of boys aged 7-12 years old, around 7-9 people lead me to an empty space, one block away from my house. That experience came pretty blurry but I remembered pretty vaguely where these boys strip me from my panties and took turn to rub their penis on my vagina until they all got turn, put my panties back on, and then released me. I still have details on these boys until today

How long did the impact last, till finally you were able to free yourself from its clutches? 

It wasn't only one time. When I was in elementary school, my chair mate was a person who failed classes, two years in a row, and he intimidated me by forcing his hands on my pants throughout my first semester. I was made helpless about that condition. For that time, I held grudge and I thought men will always be like that : putting women as objects. Only in 2012, through spiritual help I got in local church community, I am helped to to forgive them, so that I could heal myself.

Your situation was like a Black Hole -- dark, turbulent and fathomless.
What efforts did you make to pull yourself out of it? 

Loosing yourself means loosing your life goals. I am fully aware that I lost many many times : major that is completely different from my passion, and so on. It took me almost 8 years until I finally found my life purpose in 2011.

ow long did it take you to bring order out of chaos in your education, finances and business? 

It took me 5 years, from 2010, to fix things up

Cancelling your wedding was a jaw-dropping decision. What were the 
repercussions suffered by you and members of your immediate family? 

My family disappointed and my surroundings (friends) were surprised as well. The tensions were real and took me few months until I got fully accepted again like before (after my shocking decisions)

Close relatives and friends offered you motivation to make a change. How did it help? 

They wished that I change my decisions, but I didn't obviously. I took this decision, I faced it on my won, I made them understand, and I received the consequences.

As a mother of 2-year-old son, how much space do you have for him in 
your otherwise crowded everyday life, with no support of his father? 

My husband and I play a great balanced team role. We raised our child altogether despite emotionally and all I took quite bigger roles as his mother. We set time priority for our family. I always make time for my family, even if I have to work on weekend. In the cases I have to work on weekend, I took day off on weekdays


Tell us about the blog #CeweQuat, and how it became one of the strongest women communities in Indonesia?

CeweQuat was born after my life changing decision on cancelling my marriage. At first my only objection was to share and gave strength to women around me that we (women) took our very own charge for our better future. Peer pressure could be difficult but our inner self gave the best guidance. On my simple blog, I am willing to connect with my readers and followers. On that very state, I didn't realize that I made CeweQuat bigger than just community-based company. Today, our main output is to strengthen our women in real life. We empower women to embrace world's 50:50 proportion, in term of gender, by 2030

As a community builder and women empowerment expert, what has been your contribution to women with troubled lives? 

I published books that reached 10.000 people as well as events that gathered hundreds of women. I believe this education to women in the past 5 years has helped those who are clueless about their life purpose, so that now, they at least have bright end point of their long life purpose. It's heartwarming for me to help those who struggle in their inner soul, regarding relationship as well as self acceptance.

What kind training do you offer women, and how does it help them? 

In many forms, seminars, workshops about self development, relationship, and careers.

We The Womenz team thank her for sharing her story with us. We are sure that her story will certainly inspire our readers.

Ms. Bunga Mega 
can be reached on Twitter  - 
@BungaMega @ceweQuat & @womanationID,  Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin


First Published: 07-Apr-2017- 16:14