Champion of Woman's Might

As President & CEO of Girl Power United, Nakisha Varlack's quest is to help teen girls and women achieve eminence in their respective fields through life's challenges

The Womenz had an opportunity to interact with Ms. Nakisha Varlack,  President/CEO, Girl Power United, USA and here’s what she shared with us 


In modern times there are many career options to women. Why did you choose to become an advocate? What goal did you achieve by becoming one?


Advocating for the empowerment of teen girls is simply more than a career choice. As the President and CEO of Girl Power United, my position serves as an opportunity for me to positively impact the lives of girls that need the guidance, encouragement, and motivation to follow their dreams. I believe that girls should always aim to reach for the stars and dream big.


What do you wish to achieve by inspiring girls and young women?


By inspiring girls and young women, my goal is to use the abilities that God has given me to guide them towards living a life of purpose and to aspire to achieve greatness despite life’s challenges. My greatest hope is that they have the full understanding and belief that their aspirations are their possibilities.


As a cultural ambassador and teacher to Japanese students, what has been your own learning experience?


Through my cultured background, experiences, and the opportunity to work with individuals from around the world, it has enabled me to shape my thinkingto embrace diversity. I use this ability when making both personal and professional decisions in my life.


Tell us about the courage of your convictions that finally led to establishing Girl Power United.


I established Girl Power United to reinforce to young girls and women that we are a united coalition of empowered minds. Having become a mother at the young age of 18, I did not allow my circumstances to prevent me from achieving my goal of furthering my education, having a highly successful career, and following my life’s purpose of serving others. I want to ensure that other young girls and women are able to live a life of being self-empowered while uniting with women and girls around the world.


You have strong knowledge of the pageant industry. How do you look at female beauty contests from moral point of view?


I’ve had the privilege of serving as a judge for the Miss America Organization for the past 7 years. Through this experience, I have witnessed first hand that pageantry provides numerous intrinsic rewards. Often times, there is a misconception that the pageantry industry primarily focuses on the exterior, when in fact it is just the opposite.


The pageant industry focuses on character development, self-empowerment, education, the teaching of values, public speaking, sharing their talents, and assisting young ladies in developing their professional brands. I’m happy to support an industry that provides these type young ladies with opportunities that lead them towards having a bright future.


What are the positive benefits of mentoring children?  


Mentoring benefits children by aiding in their personal and professional development and learning. This can be achieved at any stage of a child’s life.  Mentoring is relationship based and built on having a trusted relationship with an individual that has a genuine interest in the success of the child.


What valuable lessons have you learned as a 16-year-old intern in the federal government?


As a 16-year intern, working for the federal government gave me an opportunity to have the first hand experience in being in a professional business environment. I gained the knowledge, skills, and abilitiesthat aided in securing a strong professional foundation. I also learned how to be accountable for my work performance and the importance having the type of work ethic that drives you to exceed expectations.


How did your high academic qualifications provided a boost to your own personal life and professional career?


Furthering my education has definitely opened doors of opportunity for me as I continue to pursue my professional and personal goals. 


What kind of advice and guidance teenage girls need most in troubled times?


The best advice that I can give to teenage girls that are going through difficult times is to try to have an optimistic mindset despite the trouble that they are experiencing. There are lessons to be learned through every experience in our lives. We must learn to use those experiences as an opportunity to grow and to encourage others that may have similar experiences. I would also encourage teenage girls to find a mentor or confidant that can help them through the difficult time and provide them with the support that they will need.


Would you like to tell us about a few young women who became self-empowered as a result of you touching their lives? 


I have worked with several girls and young and women over the years to empower them with the ability to recognize their true potential and find a way to work towards being the best version of themselves. I prefer not to single out any one person and instead celebrate the fact that many have been able to find the motivation to be self-empowered.



We The Womenz team thank her for her sharing her story with us. We are sure that her story will certainly inspire our readers.


Nakisha can be reached on Linked-in, twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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First Published: 10-Apr-2017- 17:31