Dancing her way into fitness gear

From a professional dancer to a manufacturer of fitness clothing, Devanshai Vaishnav's Antifactory has become a most sought-after brand

The Womenz had an opportunity to interact with Ms. Devanshi, Founder, Antifactory and here’s what she shared with us


Can you please tell us something about you, your education etc.?

First off, I want to begin with saying a huge THANK YOU to my parents. It is because of them, this hat adorns a feather or two! ? My mother especially, who was always inclined to the creative arts, encouraged me to do more in life! And thanks to that, I am running a fitness clothing brand, I’m a practicing veterinarian and an ardent Dance lover.

I graduated from Bombay Veterinary College,Parel in 2010, although, my passion for Dance and Love for Animals always kept me juggling between the two. Eventually I chose to chase my passion for dance and become a full time dance instructor. That gig was onuntil 2014 end.

This combination might sound crazy but I believe life is too short. One life do more

How’s your fitness passion started? At what age?

My passion for fitness started when I started dancing professionally, from the age of 16.

In which fields & format you have expertise in?

In terms of fitness, my expertise would lie in dance-jazz which involves a lot o strength and flexibility. I have also discovered my love for cross-fit/HIIT/Yoga in the past 2-3 years.

Do you follow any special diet? Any suggestion to our reader for do’s & don’ts in daily diet?

I have phases when I have certain specific goals and follow a strict diet. Other than that, I find it pretty hard to follow a perfectly healthy diet since I’m a complete foodie! But main principles would be small regular meals, avoiding carbs at night and staying away from sugar and oil!


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You are a dancer too! Let us know something about it

During my school days, dance was the only extra curricular activity I would participate in, which got me hooked and set the balling rolling. I was inspired to take it up more seriously when I watched a performance by my college dance troupe while in junior college. With a twinkle in my eye and a song in my heart, I went to audition so I could join them. Now here is the sad part, I was rejected. Luckily, I was in the right frame of mind and took it positively and signed up for professional dance lessons at a dance studio. It was fun! Made great friends, tried very hard to hone my skills and before I knew it, I was a part of the performing and teaching team! This was a steep learning curve for me but I was enjoying the ride.

Further on, I joined Split Sole Dance Academy(this was 1 year beforeI officially became a Vet!) Here, I trained in varied forms such as, Jazz, Jazz funk, Hip-Hop,ballet, Contemporary & Commercial forms.

I just want to take a pause here and say thank you and show my gratitude towards my Guru’s @Split Sole Dance Aademy, where I ended up teaching from 2009 to 2014.

Now-a-days, my Antifactory does not allow me the time to conduct classes, but I try my best to participate in any master class by touring my hotshot dancer friends ;)


How it all started? Please tell us story behind the start of Antifactory? How did you coin this name, Antifactory?

As a dance instructor, I always felt the need to create an alternate source of income since our country isn’t very artist friendly financially! Having a background in textiles owing to my father’s export business, I came up with the idea of starting a dancewear brand on a random sleepless night at 3 am! When I shared my thoughts with my father the next morning, he was pretty enthusiastic about it(considering how he always hoped I’d join his business someday!)

Being a part of the field of dance, I was aware of the importance of your attire in a class. We’d always tell our stuents, “Dress the part”. I personally used to find it pretty hard to find the right kind of clothing which would be functional and look great at the same time. I’d be dependent on friends and family coming from USA for trendy stylish dance clothing.

Antifactory was actually a name I had given to one of my dance pieces at the academy’s annual showcase. The concept was about the thought process of today’s youth and how majority of them are slaves to trends and fads. Factory symbolizes monotony and uniform. Antifactory is about breaking notions and not joining the herd.
The image I had about my clothing was exactly that. I wanted to create designs that were unique and didn’t necessarily follow seasonal trends/colours etc


Please tell us something about Antifactory and its USP’s

Antifactory clothing screams personality,quirkiness while staying highly functional. The fabric and construction are on par with some of the leading activewear brands in the world. What makes it different is high quality and designs at more affordable prices.

As a women did you face any hurdles in your journey so far? If yes, how you faced & conquered them?

I have been very fortunate for having the most encouraging and understanding parents. Very few Indian parents would be alright with their daughter being in the dance profession but my parents were so appreciative! Once I got into the manufacturing business, I had to visit several fabric vendors,printing units, accessory vendors. Their first response is always underwhelming as they tend to not take young girls too seriously. But it’s never come in the way of my work as such.

You are directly competing with some international brands. How is your product doing in the market in terms of acceptance?

Antifactory products are adored by all who try them on! They seem to love it especially for the way it feels on their body, their simplistic designs with subtle elements of style. Of course, getting good quality at more competitive prices is always a good thing right? 

Your further growth plans for the year and coming years?

Plan is to come up with more designs,collaborate with fitness athletes, provide fitness based establishments with options of customized apparels, it’s a universe out there to explore!



How is your experience with clients?

I always like connecting with my clients beyond just providing them with products. Do check out theAntifactory’sinstagram feed. You will see my clients telling their story with Antifactory products and vice versa.

Any message to women out there struggling to be fit and fine?

The most important message would be, Do NOT fall prey to fads! It’s very easy in this time of social media to believe whatever you see merely on the basis of number of likes/followers/views, but it’s very important to think about what your priorities are and what works best for you! If you’re a working mom, there’s no way you can spend two hours at the gym and prepare 6-7 perfectly calculated meals a day! There are simpler hacks to fitness. Spending even just 30 minutes a day and staying from unhealthy food and help you achieve a reasonably healthy lifestyle. Beyond that, it’s all about priorities. But ALWAYS take time out for yourself and your passion, whether it’s personally or professionally. As women we’re used to letting people walkover us and we don’t flinch about dropping our needs most of the time. But it’s good to be a little selfish sometimes. Your loved ones will love and respect you even more when they see you loving yourself.

We The Womenz team thank her for her sharing her story with us. We are sure that her story will certianly inspire our readers.

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First Published: 01-Apr-2017- 18:07