Disciple of Divine Energy

The amazingly gifted Akanksha Joshi -- painter, artisan, marathon runner, housewife, and mother -- has devoted her life consoling and healing people through sacred Reiki therapy of which she is a Master

The Womenz team had an opportunity to interview multi-talented Akanksha Joshi from Bengaluru (India) and here’s what they shared with us

Hello Akanksha, please tell us something about you, your education, background etc.

I was born and brought up in Meerut (U.P), in a joint middleclass rooted family. Spent my childhood with loving grandparents, my beautiful little sister, my adorable cousins, my father, mother, uncle and aunt who taught me so many wonderful lessons and instilled values in me.  I did my graduation in Computers and Diploma in management. I worked in industry for few months and later got married (in year 2007). During my initial years of marriage, I got an opportunity to travel with my hubby on his various overseas trips and got a chance to explore beautiful places in various continents like Europe, Middle East etc. We are blessed with 2 adorable kids (Anvi and Anay) and both are joy of our life. 

When you moved to Bengaluru (a city in Karnataka State, India)? and how this move helped you to cherish your hidden talent?

We moved to Bengaluru in 2012.  I observed creativity is in the air and soon got smitten by this bug. 

I had never held any paint brush in my hand before and I just started experimenting with it and started following my heart. I didn’t have any formal training/ classes or experience and picked this art on my own. Soon I was making paintings, portraits, Zentangle inspired art, wired jewelry, bottle lamps etc. which got appreciated by my friends and dear ones. First time in my life, I noticed that by following my creative path, my life became much more meaningful, I felt more connected to myself and beauty around me. 

Some of Akanksha's  arts

How did you test your innovative skills and what was the response from you friends and family to it?

My creative adventure started when I handmade return gift bags for my daughter’s birthday. And to my surprise they were loved by all the kids and appreciated by everyone. This gave me confidence to experiment more in this creative field and there was no looking back. I always get mesmerised by beautiful creations made by different artists which prompted me expand my horizon.

What made you to focus on your fitness?

In normal course of life, we get completely involved in our day to day activities and with my creativity drive I noticed that my health was taking a toll. I started having health issues and gained weight due to the same.

Soon I realised that something needs to be changed as without healthy body nothing can be accomplished. And that it was a high time to have more disciplined routine towards my health by regular exercise along with proper diet.

I took up the challenge and started consciously working towards my fitness.

This journey gave new dimension to my life, and I have become a fitness enthusiast. Now I enjoy running marathons, and motivating friends/ family / others to take their health in their hands. 

Fitness conscious Akanksha 

What inspired you to learn ‘Reiki’ therapy? What have you accomplished till now?

Till now I had my body and mind nourished but felt that the sole purpose of my life was still missing. I read thru some of the inspirational books and found that no purpose can be bigger than selfless serving to others.

As God’s will, I got connected to some of the Reiki masters. I got curious to learn this therapy and when I started experiencing this I got completely immersed into this, I felt some divine forces are guiding me to make difference to not just my own life but to others’ life too. Somehow I got a feeling that I shouldn’t be holding this to me but passing it on any one who is in need. 

With God's grace and Master's blessings, now I am a certified Reiki Master and healer

Now I feel that my Mind, body and soul are all connected and feeling myself in blessed state

Do you offer your expertise like ‘Reiki’ therapy to the needy ones?

Reiki is the beautiful life energy that flows through all living things. Reiki is a natural and non-invasive, holistic healing technique that works on many different levels and dimensions.

Yes I do one on one healing sessions, distance healing to the clients who are residing anywhere in the world. As I'm a certified Reiki master, my sole aim is not just to heal others and making them dependent rather empowering them through Reiki and to help them heal.

Please tell us if you have any interesting / funny incident you had while dealing with your client.

Reiki is a universal Divine energy form. I'm always amazed with the results am seeing after my sessions with my client and how this universal divine energy helps them in overcoming their problems. I would also like to add here that Reiki is not a magic which will provide them immediate results the way they want rather it provide results which is for the highest good of the recipient. A person should have a positive belief in this energy and should believe that this will only do good with the chosen pace. People shouldn't lose patience and just understand that this is a therapy not a substitute to any treatment which patient (affected person) is undergoing.

Please tell us about your family and their support to your initiatives.

To achieve anything in life, you need constant source of inspiration and family support. My hubby has been biggest supporter of all my crazy adventures and has always been a driving force behind me. He would always push me to go one extra mile and would at times play a role of critic - only for my betterment. I am blessed with beautiful kids who too are my constant source of inspiration. They love whatever I do and they are always there to cheer me up with their WOWS.. 

Akanksha with her husband Mr. Abhay Joshi

How you manage to balance your family life and passion

Balancing a family life and passion seems to be a tough task, but it's not impossible if you have a strong desire to reach altogether different level. Time management and proper delegation of work plays an important role.

Proper time management with flexible scheduling is very important. Rigid schedules at home can create stress and it can severely impact your journey. Another important aspect is fun element - we should never miss out on our lighter moments we have with our kids and family. These are big stress buster and keep our home environment and relationship healthy.

I personally feel that if you are showing equal amount of passion towards other family member's goals then they will reciprocate the same back to you and that has worked very well in my case. We show same enthusiasm in each other's work and find our own space and time to follow our passion. 

Following your passion is your journey and people around you (esp. family and close friends) should always be with you to inspire you at each and every step. There are going to be times when you are not able to meet your commitments due to any reason and you feel like giving up! ... This is the time when your family plays a critical role by encouraging you and take you out of woods. 

Akanksha with her Anvi (Daughter) and Anay (Son)

Your biggest achievement so far.

Honestly I would say my biggest achievement is yet to come but yes there has been many sweet moments like when I first completed my order and the kind of appreciation I got from my friends, my first act of charity when I saw smile on the face of the needy ones , my first painting which got appreciated by experts,  my first marathon which gave me more strength and hunger to run more, my first healing session which gave peace and relief to the client, thereby giving me divine feeling of being blessed and few more such precious moments which made this journey more memorable .

Your views on Gender equality

Yes I believe in Gender equality, in terms of opportunities as well in terms of responsibilities.

I personally feel that we should not be viewing individuals based on their gender rather we should view them based on their values and deeds. Am against gender biases be it towards men or towards women. No one should get special privileges because if we are giving them such reservations, then we are ourself considering  it as a weak gender.

There is a need to change the mind-set of people that no particular gender is superior, both have equal rights and both should be treated equally. 

Any message to aspiring women out there who are struggling to prove themselves?

My message to every aspiring women out there is to love and respect yourself because no one is going to love and respect you, if u don't Stay positive always and accept whatever is happening is happening for a reason." Life will give you whatever experience is the most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness." 

"Take care of your body. It's the only place where you have to live." .... Walk, run, exercise and be fit.

Always motivate people. There is saying "what goes around comes around". Keep your mind healthy. Meditate, Keep yourself inspired by reading inspiring stories and positive news. One should surround oneself with the positivity and let go of negativity, fear, jealousy out of one's system.

And Don't ever give up and never miss small but precious life moments.

Inspire each other.  When women support each other, incredible things happen. I have been incredibly lucky to have few inspirational and strong women in my life because of whom I'm here.. I would love to mention few of the wonder womens, life has blessed me with. Pavitra Yarlagadda is the super women and a friend who taught me how to love myself, follow passion and be an inspiration. Shivi Krishna a dear friend and a beautiful soul who gave light and hope to me, when I was lost and shown me the path of Reiki. My earth angel Ray Rashmi Solanki ji, who is my guiding light and under whom I did my Reiki master training. I found her as one of the strongest women and kindest soul I ever met. Am blessed to have her as my master and undoubtedly my life couch.

I'm also blessed with amazing friends and family who are always there with me . 


Akanksha, we at TheWomenz team express our earnest appreciation for sharing your unique story with us. We believe it will surely stimulate fellow women in every country and continent in the world.


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First Published: 09-Aug-2017- 09:55