Fearless and Resilient Selena Gomez

American idol Selena Gomez, whose name means The Moon, has passed through the dark side of the satellite planet as a young child, but now she stands in its glow which reflects fame and success

Young, pretty and gifted, 26-year-old Selena Marie Gomez is among one of America’s most adored and famous entertainers – singer, actor and entrepreneur.

According to reports, she has sold over 7 million albums and 22 million singles. Her net worth is US $50 million.

As a successful entrepreneur, she has her own clothing line Kmart, a fragrance named after her, and a collection of designer bags she herself designed.

As a singer and actor she has been active since 2002. A devout Catholic, she got her acting break in Disney Channel series.

Her first album was released in 2009, ‘Selena and the Scene’ and her first solo, ‘Star Dance’ in 2013. She also acted in numerous movies such as ‘Hotel Transylvania’ and ‘Spy Kids 3’.

At 17 she was appointed UNICEF ambassador.

Although she is now relishing her fame, fortune and social status, as a child she faced poverty, hunger, neglect and loneliness.

She is the only child of Rick and Mandy Gomez who divorded when Selena was just 5 years old. It was her working mother who cared for her and brought her up.

Later on more trials followed. In 2011 she was hospitalized with nausea and migraine. She was later diagnosed with exhaustion and food poisoning.

Selena also suffers from Lupus, a rare disease which has no cure. But she is on the road to recovery. It’s a complex and chronic autoimmune illness which affects joints, skin, brain, kidney, etc, causing widespread inflammation and tissue damage in affected organs.

The Greek meaning for the name Selena is ‘The Moon’. The satellite planet is believed to have self-healing and rejuvenation power.

Selena has already been through the dark side of the moon (and she is still somewhat walking in its shadow). But now she has lots to be thankful for – she is now shining in the planet’s bright, silver beams.

The Womenz hopes she stays there forever – surrounded by the moon’s glow reflecting on the young ‘Goddess’. 

Written & Compiled by: Mr. Arpit Dongre, IIM Raipur

Image Courtesy: Gitty Images

First Published: 11-Nov-2018- 14:41