First Australian female brewery Two Birds creates new waves

The fearless and finest Australian women, Danielle Allen and Jayne Lewis build successful career starting their beer nest Two-Birds-Brewing, set out to change Beer in both its consumption and its brewing, is no longer a male dominated industry.

Australia’s first female owned and made brewery Two Birds Brewing launched nine years back by Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen creating new waves through the industry. Their journey started on a holiday around the US embarked on a mission to change the inaccurate perception that is not a ‘feminine’ enough beverage choice and  help women become as passionate about beer as they are and also to open a brewery  producing everything from more traditional golden ales to those inspired by tacos or infused with passion fruit. The duo is injecting plenty of creativity into Two Birds Brewing.

Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen grew up and met in Perth over 16 years ago, as they shared love for the finer delights in life saw them visit breweries, wineries and dine at some world-renowned restaurants.  With Allen’s business skills and Lewis’s brewing experience were complimentary, it made total sense for them to team up and use their experience to start an innovative brewing company together in 2011.

The craft brewers aren’t afraid to rock the boat. Edible glitter was added to a beer giving a really cool look to commemorate David Bowie on the second anniversary of his death – a move that put the company on the world map. It was the first beer in Australia to use edible glitter.

Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen

In an interview with one of the media, Danielle Allen said that for them, being female has never been a factor. They are not making good beer ‘for a woman’; they are just making good beer for which they have spent years proving to the world. According to the duo gender doesn’t really come into things when they’re brewing, either and that Beer is just delicious. 

According to Allen, they have never brewed for females in particular, but they are starting to think about consumers in a different way and introduce beer to more females. They brews are not designed exclusively for a female palate; they appeal to both men and women. Although, traditionally, beer was marketed to men as seventy percent of consumers are male but they are getting a lot of support from both genders.  Two Birds can’t change history; it can help shape the future. Allen further added that it is a physically demanding job to be a brewer and that probably speaks to men more but it’s just about stepping out of their comfort zone.

Lewis is also the President of the Australian chapter of the Pink Boots Society - an organization created to 'empower women beer professionals to advance their careers in the Beer Industry.'

Meet the Makers: Women in Beer, Wine & Spirits Festival is coming to Sydney to celebrate Australian and New Zealand’s female brewers, winemakers and distillers. Cellar Masters has teamed up with BWS to launch Australia’s first ever drinks festival that has an exclusive all-female line-up. Taking place at Australian Technology Park in Sydney, the festival kicks off with a session on International Women’s Day on Friday 8 March, and then with two more sessions on Saturday 9 March. Two-Birds-Brewing by Allen and Lewis are participating to share and educate with their knowledge about beverages made by females and inspire other young women to follow their passion into a brewing career.

As part of International Women’s day, the Festival aims to shine the light on females in an industry traditionally male-dominated. Cellar Director at Cellar masters Christine Ricketts said that they want to shine a well-deserved spotlight on women in winemaking, distilling and brewing, which are traditionally male-dominated industries. But thanks to these trailblazing women, the mindset is definitely changing.

News Source: The CEO Magazine

Image Source: Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph

First Published: 02-Mar-2019- 16:34