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Skeptics doubted, but Swetha Subbiah emerged as the first few women fitness trainers in Bengaluru and set up Sweat by Swetha training centre

The Womenz had an opportunity to interact with Ms. Swetha Subbiah, Nike+ Training Club (NTC) Elevated Trainer, India and here’s what she shared with us

Can you please tell us something about you, your education etc.?

I completed my high school education in Bangalore and traveled to Toronto, Canada, to pursue and undergraduate honors degree in Economics where I secured a Magna Cum Laude

How’s your fitness passion started? At what age?

Sport runs in my family, with my mum playing basketball for the state of karnataka. I also belong to a community of people (Coorgs) that are generally very athletic. I was always a very sporty kid and got involved in every sport possible growing up. My family was very supportive, and put no pressure on me to follow a conventional path

In which fields & format you have expertise in? 

I have a sports background having represented the state of Karnataka in hockey. I also played other sports such as tennis, squash, basketball, badminton, etc at the School and club level. In terms of my training/ certification, I am certified in Fitness instruction, Advanced Personal Training, Posture analysis and corrective exercise, Pre/ post natal training, kettlebells, suspended movement training and Functional training  from Premier Training International in the UK


Do  you follow any special diet? Any suggestion to our reader for do’s & don’ts in  daily diet?

I try and practice mindful eating and try to include all the important food groups in the right proportion in my diet as much as possible. Having said that, I am not too rigid about my eating habits and enjoy trying out different cuisines and have a very sweet tooth, which I satisfy with dark chocolate

Do’s- Eat food from natural sources rather than processed, eat regularly and moderate quantities

Don’t’s- do not starve yourself, skip meals or exclude important food groups (e.g. carbs, fats, etc.)- though you might see results in the short term, the long term effects of such diets are negative

How it all started? Please tell us story behind the start of SWEAT by Swetha

After returning from Canada with an undergraduate degree in Economics, I joined Ernst & Young for 2 years. It was towards th end of my 2 year stint that I felt an itch to get back into the sports and fitness. It was around this time that I had the good fortune of meeting an entrepreneur who was setting up India’s first premium Health Club. I joined his start up team to set up the space, and a couple of years later, once the space was up and running, I decided to transition into training and traveled to the UK to get certified. 

Sweat by Swetha is less than a year old and was set up to address the growing fitness market in the country. Our team has over a decade worth of experience in conceptualizing, setting up and managing health club spaces

Please tell us something about SWEAT by Swetha & the services offered, USP’s?

Our Services include: Health Club set up & management, Corporate Fitness, Personal Training and Fitness retreats.

Our USP is our team which has a deep expertise in setting up and managing fitness centers. This includes access to vendors, trainers and ancillary service providers. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and getting our clients the best value from vendors.

As a women did  you face any hurdles in your journey so far?  If yes,  how you faced & conquered them?

As a woman Fitness Instructor, I definitely had a lot of doubters as I was one of the first few women in the city to take this up as a serious profession. Since this was/ is a very male dominated space, I suppose a lot of people were skeptical on my ability as a trainer. The way I overcame that was just by believing in myself, focusing on my work and building a reputation for myself through my work ethic and the results of my training


Your further growth plans for the year and coming years?

Keep growing my skill sets and education as a trainer. Grow my consulting practise and perhaps tie up with brands that share my philosophy to reach a wider audience 

How is your experience with clients as a personal trainer especially, women? Would you like to share any funny or a  learning experience from any particular client?

I have always had positive interactions with all of my clients. With regards to my female clients, since I include a lot of resistance training in my classes, they are all always worried about developing big muscles. However, through conversation and a quick lesson in anatomy/biology, I am usually able to put those fears to rest.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

I have a Three- being hand picked by Nike to be a part of the Nike Training Club and a Nike Ambassador, playing hockey for my state and achieving the Magna cum laude in my undergraduate degree

Are you  associated with any fitness brand? Which is  that? What’s your role  there?

I work with Nike where I play the role of trainer to their fitness vertical- Nike training Club.


Any message to women out there struggling to be fit and fine?

Getting fit is a lifestyle choice, so stop focusing on short term unsustainable solutions and think of long term

 We The Womenz team thank her for her sharing her story with us. We are sure that her story will certainly inspire our readers.


Swetha  can be reached on Facebook, Linked-in, Instagram

First Published: 09-Apr-2017- 15:32