Freshen Up with Frotel ~ Priyanka Kothmire

Her new concept of Hourly-Booking has taken the hospitality industry honchos by storm, and now Frotels, an innovation of Priyanka Kothmire, has presence in over 100 cities in India

The Womenz had an opportunity to interact with Ms. Priyanka Kothmire, Co-founder & COO, Frotels, India and here’s what she shared with us

Priyanka,  tell us more on your initiative on Frotels?

It all started with an idea, which got driven further with passion.

How was it initially and how was the market response then?

When we rolled out our brand the market was completely new to the concept of Hourly-Booking. Some were totally amused by the concept while some had their share of doubts. But the eventual realisation and upcoming sense of ‘digital’ competition in the hotel industry, proved to be the winning situation for us and what sounded as confusing earlier was now making complete sense to the hotel authorities. This happened as they realised the scope of the concept and the continuous flow of flow profit for them.

How did you come up with this concept and how does it work? 

The basic idea originated from the problems I faced personally. Frequent travelling was a part of earlier corporate life. What really messed my mind was the improper hygiene at Bus Stops or railway Stations. 

My hotel stays at such places were always a serious waste of money as I hardly used my hotel room for a couple of hours. So yeah, my personal experiences can be accounted as a collective build-up for the idea of Frotels.

Even the naming of the brand was a collective result of brainstorming to signify ‘Freshen-Up’ Hotels. And eventually, the idea itself got shortened as ‘Frotels’.

With the digitisation and competition, how does it help to carve a niche for yourself? 

I strongly feel competition is necessary. Having someone out there who’s trying to one-up you in your field is highly motivating. Competition forces you to dive into various horizons of your line of work to explore more and more opportunities.

What is your business strategy and how has been the response so far? 

Well, primarily our goal is to encourage the public to discover the huge benefits of Hourly stays. The response is tremendous thanks to the acceptance of the concept of Hotel owners


Tell us about the challenges you had to face and how did you overcome?

 People are always afraid and sceptical about anything that seems way too beneficial. So it was quite difficult to make the market friendly to the concept. Challenges played their part but persistence was the key. Our presence in more than 110 cities is the result of the popularity of the concept.


What is your message for the women of today and new generation? 

Nothing is unachievable. You might come up with a groundbreaking idea but negativity brings it down. In such situations stay confident about your idea. With technology being upgraded every minute, there are new opportunities arising to start something new. I would also suggest spending some serious amount of time for researching the market for your idea.


As women did you face any challenges from market or competitors? 

I don’t really think in those terms. Right from the beginning, my goal was to stay positive about the idea. But I do believe in our nation women need to get more firm about their in ideas and opinions in any and every walk of life.

We The Womenz team thank her for her sharing her story with us. We are sure that her story will certainly inspire our readers.

Priyanka can be reached on  Linkedin, twitter, Facebook


First Published: 09-Apr-2017- 15:51