From Bride to Make up Artist~Sarrah Mukadam

Young wife and mother Sarrah Mukadam is one of the most successful and highly recommended make-up artists today. Her innovative make-up concepts are highly sought-after by women of all ages and from all walks of life.

Lets know more from Sarrah herself...

They say marriages are made in heaven. I think that's true in my case. Destiny has done it all for me and my husband Juzar Mukadam. I still remember the first time I met him at a coffee shop on Carter Road in Bandra, Mumbai. I was in college then with a number of things on my mind to keep me distracted. I was pursuing a Bachelor in Mass Media from Sophia College in Mumbai. Marriage wasn't on the cards at least in the near future. I just wanted to make it big in the bad world of advertising.

Meeting my hubby happened by chance and I was pretty excited. After all, it was my first formal date ever! And even though I was meeting him for the first time I knew quite a lot about him (thanks to all the social media stalking I had indulged in).

One fine afternoon, I met him at a coffee shop. I remember waiting for him and then being bowled over by him, so much so that I almost began to stammer. Maybe it was love at first sight, or just kismet -- but we were truly meant to be for each other.

My wedding on December 4, 2013 in South Mumbai was everything I had ever imagined -- a fairy tale of sorts with my Prince Charming.

And while I got busy being a newly married bride, as soon as I settled into my new life at Marol in Andheri east, I began to feel a void. I was smart, independent and intelligent, and just because I was married I didn't want to settle for a mundane life. I didn't want to be just a homemaker.

After the initial boredom settled in, I decided I needed to do something to keep myself busy. I couldn't join advertising again because if you know about the field you'll know it is anything but easy; and having a life, family and husband along with a career in advertising would cost me way too much. 

That's when my mom Tasneem Mandviwala advised me to venture into the field of make-up and fulfill my childhood dream of being an artist of sorts. Before this I had never thought of it as anything but a hobby.

Sarrah at work

Things started to fall into place and this seemed to be the right thing to do. The most important thing about taking up this profession was also the fact that I didn't have to give up my responsibilities as a daughter-in-law to keep my career alive.

But nothing comes easy. Advertising was something I had a formal education in, but make-up was a passion that I had to now turn into a profession. There was a whole lot of learning involved and then the cut-throat competition.... gosh!

Making a career shift isn't easy but I had faith in myself and decided to follow my dreams.

I began to attend classes at Emerald, founded by well-known beautician Mariam Zaveri at Bandra in Mumbai, to learn the tricks of the trade and be at the top of my game. Managing the house, fulfilling social responsibilities and attending make-up school weren't all that easy. But I did it all happily. 

I began with taking up assignments for close friends and family members. In fact, my very first experience was that of dressing up a mother (my cousin's wife) for her little girl's first birthday party.

I was a bundle of nerves, hoping all would go well as this was the first time I was ever doing this as a profession. Now that I am pregnant, I realise how much she wanted to look good at her baby's birthday, but back then all I could think about was my work. Luckily, everything went as imagined and this mommy was overjoyed with my work. That's when I gained confidence to call myself make-up artist Sarrah Mukadam.

But all work has challenges and my second assignment of dressing up a bride was exactly that. My client Fatema Mustafa wanted a certain look for her sangeet ceremony, which I thought wouldn't look appropriate. She didn't take my advice and insisted on the look. As they say, customer is king. I had to go with what she wanted. Turned out she did look exceptionally good and I was the one thanking her for sticking to what she had in mind. A new lesson learnt. Every day is a new experience and every client teaches me something new.

Many enriching experiences later, I can actually boast about the fact that I love what I do. The trials, the make-up, the long hours and learning, all included!

In my second year of marriage and on the verge of popping out my little one (8 months pregnant), I can say my first year into matrimony has proved to be anything but boring. It's been a roller coaster ride full of adjustments, arguments, settlements, learning and truck loads of fun... far from the mundane!

I am blessed to have an understanding husband who not only supports me, but motivates me and brings out the best in me. But as an afterthought, I do think my mom deserves due credit for sparking that passion for make-up in me after all these years!

Now with a 3-year-old child I have gained success with even knowing Airbrush make-up.

Many women tend to give up their dreams for family, but here I am pursuing my dreams because my own family loves what I do.

Sarrah, we at TheWomenz express our earnest appreciation for sharing your encouraging story with us. We believe it will surely stimulate fellow women in every country and continent in the world.

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First Published: 13-May-2018- 18:16