Mantra for Success

Work hard, be honest, believe in yourself and be calm in the face of competition, admonishes entrepreneur Shaheda Nausheen on whose shoulders rests the responsibility of three family enterprises


The Womenz had an opportunity to interact with Shaheda Nausheen, CEO, S. K. Enterprises, Hyderabad, India and here’s what she shared with us


I was born and grew up in a Hyderabad, India with my other three siblings. We were joint family and the best part of my childhood was the time I spent with my Father. Those days are special and filled with sweet memories. I remember in those days learning things with dad and exploring my selves, I was kind of rebellious, extrovert and outgoing type. In threshold of dream that I wanted to achieve was independence in all aspect of life. Only way to survive is excelling, no point in life is something impossible to achieve.  Huge lessons are learnt going through life opportunities. I never prepared myself for anything in my life but well trained by parents to face problems whenever they come.

Entrepreneurship is an act of calculation, it’s a matter of vision, and you have to be very smart- clever enough to survive. Moreover, you have to be calculative. But always remember our income is fixed no one can take single penny from what has been decreed upon us, so why to worry about competition. Work hard, be honest, believe in yourselves and be calm.  I have to confess that I didn’t have these qualities when I started my first business at the age 16 years. In my college days I was very keen on starting my own business. Along with my college friend I started mushroom cultivation business at our place in small room.  Though doing a business was not so easy what we thought, we did it for some days and believe me it was most challenging for us.

After graduation I joined my computer courses. Later, Joined as a faculty in computer institute. I was  not satisfied  as an employee there and always dreamt of being myself in profession. Then I decided to do M.Phil  in Management after  post-graduation , I started as part time lecturer for computers, I used to teach Computers for 3 years. 

The real turning point came when I got married. I found myself having huge responsibilities of joint family, my husband & myself could not survive in jobs, I always thought of starting business.  When I shared this inner voice with my father, he supported me and suggested to start a small manufacturing unit of industrial steam boilers.

I don’t know whether entrepreneurship is a matter of heredity but, yes, my father is a quite successful business man industrial steam boiler business. My family is a business family. My father was a very successful entrepreneur and I always had a dream that I’d ultimately take care of my family business but my father always supported the idea and told me that anybody can do business. There was never gender bias in my family both father and mother supported me in doing business.

About my business:  S.K.  Enterprises  is  a small manufacturing unit in Hyderabad, India.  We supply 100 kg capacity of Industrial steam boilers to 2000 Tons per hour boilers all over India.   I have started with small loan amount from bank. Then my husband and my husband struggled a lot to get fame and publicity in market, we have marketed all over India. We procure and supply material all over India.

Suddenly one good day we got a very good order from Dr. Reddy's lab for 32 tons of Industrial boiler. We supplied them used boiler, making good profit and good name all over India.

I got selected of ISB scholarship program, sponsored by Goldmansacs. I got trained for M.B.A in ISB in 2012. Got good exposure and learned lot of high skills in management. I felt very lucky to get trained in that school.  I found my project was under financed and have approached my banker for help. My sister  left India 2015 with her husband where she was holding a jute manufacturing unit, i took hold of it and started experimenting  with jute fabric in the name of Jute Ambiance,  i have developed product to such a level that I started developing jute curtains, jute mats, jute table covers, bedcovers, cushion covers, aprons etc..

My brother Zakeer conceptualized and idea to support Indian agricultural ecosystem MARKETGALEE in 2016. He requested me to handle the strategic operations for it, I agreed to be with him as I liked the concept and started working along with him. It is for farmers and other buyers where MarketGalee creating market place. We are looking for funds for it now.

As of now I am responsible for these three companies. I have my future plans to start an NGO to support Women Entrepreneurs. Though with the support of my family members i found my life opulent but i faced certain problem because of my gender and social status. In fact it made me to more tough to face problems more courageously.


Success for Me: Success is a relative term. For some people success is how much money you have, for others it is entirely different. To me success is not a station rather it is a journey. If you enjoy the journey, if you make progress every day, if you slowly move towards your goal then you are successful. I think we should not make the definition of success conclusive rather enjoy the journey. For me, I have not made tons of money but my journey is still on. I’m moving ahead and making progress every single day, slowly I’m moving ahead towards my goal. And this is how I think about success. My Goal is to set a good  example for my daughter, sisters and other budding women entrepreneurs in society.

Then success is all about spirit. You have to have the spirit. To be successful you must have clear goal in mind, what do you want to do, and then you have to stick with it till you make it. In business there will be ups and downs, but if you give up in the face of obstacles then you are not going to make it. I think one should study the past success stories of one’s filed and should learn from it. If one can explore goodness within oneself then it’ll be wonderful.

And above all you have to be extremely hard working and a real fighter. One should be in touch with people who have the connection. Having connections from where you might get some help is important.

Women entrepreneurs are key players in any developing country particularly in terms of their contribution to economic development. being a second generation entrepreneur don't need such training as they already have the previous exposure to business.

Marketing Problems: At first I  faced the problems in marketing their products. It is one of the core problems as this area is mainly dominated by males and even women with adequate experience fail to make a dent. As my husband taking care of marketing has solved this problem.


Financial Problems:   When i learned that my project is under financed, i approached banker for rehabilitation scheme to get more funds for infrastructure and raw material, obtaining the support of bankers, managing the working capital, lack of credit resources are the problems which still remain in the male’s domain. Women are yet to make significant mark in quantitative terms. Some problems are structural in nature and beyond the control of entrepreneurs. Women are often denied credit by bankers on the ground of lack of collateral security. Therefore, women's access to risk capital is limited as bankers have less confidence on women so there was huge CREDIBILITY issue.


Family Conflicts and social status: I also face the conflict of performing of home role as we women are not available to spend enough time with our families. My inability to attend to domestic work, time for education of children, personal hobbies, and entertainment adds to conflicts. I took the help of my parents  to take care of domestic problems.

MODESTY:  I faced lot of problems when i have gone to approach for loans, company registration, and getting office for rent, because of my hijab, Modesty requires that women veil  by wearing the hijab- a scarf that covers their hair. The hijab, a strong signal of fidelity to Islam, those female entrepreneurs who wear the hijab will receive preferential access to business networks. Conservative Islamic cultures tend to place restrictions on female mobility and a woman‘s ability to interact with people outside the home. These restrictions place significant constraints on a woman‘s ability to interact with people outside the home. Female Muslim entrepreneurs often rely on family members to make introductions to potential business partners and other entrepreneurs. It is therefore likely that women with families supportive of their ventures are more likely to access business networks.


Message to women entrepreneurs :Entrepreneurship is an act of calculation, it’s a matter of vision, and you have to be very smart- clever enough to survive. Moreover, you have to be calculative. But always remember our income is fixed no one can take single penny from what has been decreed upon us, so why to worry about competition. Try and give best to the customers according to their requirement, make customer lazy, Work hard, be honest, believe in yourselves .Success is always with you.


We The Womenz team thank her for her sharing her story with us. We are sure that her story will certainly inspire our readers.

Shaheda can be reached on Linked-in, Facebook, instagram

First Published: 14-Apr-2017- 16:49