On the Voyage into Happiness

The co-founders of Made-in-Happy, Arwa Amranwala and Sakina Bagasrawala, are happy people who make vintage era handmade gifts as per the buyer's choice to make everyone happy

The Womenz team had an opportunity to interview Arwa & Sakina and here’s what they shared with us

Hello Arwa, please tell us about yourself

"Make your stay here worthwhile". I like living by this motto, it motivates me to do something better always. I am a post graduate in Advertising and Marketing who was always very sure about entering the world of creativity and entrepreneurship. I combined my love for both and founded Made In Happy, a one stop shop for customised handmade gifts. The credit for it goes to my family for being a pillar to me even in tough times. Before my venture happened I worked in the field of Digital Marketing, Content Creation and Account Planning. A true Capricorn by nature and a lover of art and culture. I am an avid reader and love to spend my time doodling and creating some beautiful pieces. Good music and cinema is my spirit animal. Highly OCD, I suffer from Obsessive Coffee Disorder. My love for sarcasm is innate. I lure resemblances between the fictional characters I watch and me, and I know that’s eerie. A yoga and fitness enthusiast and rejuvenate myself by drowning in the pool. My ultimate aim is to resonate the term gifting with Made In Happy in peoples mind. I crave for solitude at intervals, and believe the best of ideas struck you when you can manage to be by yourself and observant

Arwa Amranwala

Hello Sakina, please tell us about yourself 

Food, dance, travel, writing, yoga and sarcasm are some of the many things which keeps me calm and going. Now, talking about some serious stuff, I completed my graduation in management studies from Mithibai College in 2012 and my post grads in Advertising and Marketing Communications from Xavier Institute of Communications in the year 2014-15. I’ve always been a sucker for diversity, and hence the thought of doing one thing or a 9-5 job for a lifetime just doesn’t interest me. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and create something which I can call my own – no matter how big or small. My inspiration is my family who’s helped me learn to live happily and gracefully under any and every circumstance, inculcating in me the ‘never say never’ attitude. Starting a business required me to be a Jack of all and my 4 years work experience in the field of Digital Marketing, Content Creation and Event Management along with my post grad academic knowledge helped me in it. Attention to detail, minimalism and logical approach is what I look for in anything I do.

Sakina Bagasrawala

How you met together?

They say ‘Marriages are made in Heaven’, and we believe so is a business partnership. We became friends 8 years ago through a mutual friend and our friendship grew stronger with passing time. While studying and post completion, we always dreamt of becoming entrepreneurs and discussed our individual dreams, and little did we know about being able to live this dream together one day.

While at our respective jobs back at the onset of 2016, we decided to take our entrepreneurship dream to the next level and we hit it off immediately as partners as our thoughts, interests, thinking and mentality shared the same wavelength. And that’s how we officially got married (registered our company) on 1st January 2017.

What inspired you to start with Made-In-Happy? How did you coin this name? Please explain the story behind.

As individuals, we believe in being affectionate, love to think creatively, travel as much as we can and love tailor-made things. Our love and obsession for vintage, hand-made and antique things couldn’t get any better, especially after travelling to major parts of the country as a part of our research process. On the other hand, we realised we have always loved the idea and concept of gifting, especially suggesting the right gifts for the right person – friends and family. And our research showed that in India itself, there are minimum 15-20 significant days/festivals celebrated annually and where gifts exchanging is a ritual. So, we thought why not combine the idea of gifting with the hand-made, vintage and customization concept and live happily ever after – and that’s how MIH was born.

Made in Happy – the name is inspired by the amalgamation of two things - our respected Prime Minister Mr.Modi’s concept of Make in India and the feeling one gets when he/she receives a gift, Happiness. Our gifts are made in a happy place, by the happy people to make everyone Happy. 

Tell us something about Made-In-Happy. What are its USP’s

Made in Happy is all about offering customized gifting options for various occasions, right from bulk corporate and wedding gifting to birthdays and anniversaries. Our gifts are hand-made and inspired by vintage era, beautiful art-forms, traditions and culture prevalent all across India. We cater into 3 categories – Home & Décor, Office ware and Lifestyle which covers products like Wall Décor, Boxes, Wall Décor, Desktop Items, Diaries, Candles, Tea-lights and much more. We believe in offering the best quality, designs and easing out the process of gifting for our clients.

Our USP lies in our approach. We treat every brief equally, no matter how big or small and suggest the right gifting options for the right personality type.

We asks our clients a few questions about the receiver’s personality traits, likes, dislikes to get a fair knowledge of what would be the best gifting options for them and suggest the most relevant ones. We do not charge for the suggestions, because that’s what we love to do J

Some of the Products offered at Made-In-Happy

Your initial journey/struggle and motivation to scale this far?

The journey of Made in Happy since the inception has been remarkable. We are enjoying every minute of our day towards building recognition for our venture. Family and friends have been very supportive and so have the fellow start-ups welcomed us with open arms. We believe everyone needs to grab the opportunity when it knocks your door. Initially, we felt that our age acted as a pro and a con at the same time. Since we are young we used get a lot of spur to do better, people were and are always inquisitive to answer our queries but sometimes because we are young people tend to take us leniently. They feel we are not capable of soaking up so much information and enter the world of shrewd business. Our elders always told us, keep giving your best and with hard work & in-depth knowledge you will conquer what you desire. Whenever we are low we elevate ourselves with this thought and that has helped us scale this far.


As a woman did you face any hurdles in your journey so far?  If yes, how you faced & conquered them?    

Before falling into the business, we were gripped by fear of failing but when we jumped into it we realised there is so much to achieve and plan, there is no time for thinking about the hurdles and failures. So whatever little obstacles we face in the process, we make sure to not look at it as a hurdle and turn it into a valuable lesson that eventually helps us enrich. One of the glitch that we are trying to overcome is the lack of capital and funding. We feel the purpose behind being unable to overcome it is because at times few people think that we as girls are only following a hobby and we might quit if we are unable to take the pressure. We need to change this thought process. We are not here to quit, we are here to sustain and we are certainly into a well-planned business. We are sure that someday our work will do wonders and attract investors who will be willing to invest in our business.

Your further growth plans for the year and coming years?

Currently, we’ve been focusing on spreading brand awareness through online and offline medium. During the year, we plan to launch thematic collection of products and come with better more exclusive and unique designs and enhance the designs of the utility based products. We are also working on our logistics and mobile apps to make delivery all the more quick and easy for our clients.

In the near future, we wish to collaborate with NGO’s who work for women empowerment and give them a platform to showcase their talent, at the same time giving them a source of income and identity.

There’s a lot to be done for MIH – we have just began an eternal journey of spreading happiness.

Artisans on their job at the workshop


What is your biggest achievement so far?

At this stage, whatever little success we encounter, is an achievement for us, like being featured in this interview J

Our achievement has been our valuable and happy customer feedbacks, appreciation about the quality of our products and our prompt service. It’s just a month and we already have executed 10-12 single piece orders and 1000 piece corporate gifting enquiry is in the pipeline without even hitting the markets or undertaking any cold calling or email marketing. We are overwhelmed with this beginning and are very positive about future too.


Your views on Gender Equality

According to us Equality comes into picture when you want sabotage someone because every human being is born equal and we don’t understand why down trod a woman and compare her with men. If a woman can give birth to a child then we think she is capable of achieving anything. If it comes to physical strength, if she can get a human out of her body, she is certainly strong. If trained in athletes, sports & martial arts they can reach the epitome of physical strength. If she can multi-task, manage the home and office, then mental efficiency is definitely achieved at its best. So, Gender Equality according to us is just a mind-set, it should not even be perceived as an issue. Change the mind-set and everything will fall in place. With the growing awareness and women empowerment programs, the change is perceived and we are super proud of it.

Any message to aspiring women in business / business owners out there who are struggling to prove themselves?

From our experience what we would like to share is that you don’t have to prove your worth to anybody except yourself. The day you give up, you will miss out on achieving your goals. Some of the best learning comes after mistakes are identified and ultimately lead to a better process in the end.  Surround yourself with people you admire and spend lots of time with people who are soaked up in knowledge. Keep doing your bit, follow your passion with enthusiasm & you will make it big. Remember, never stop having fun because only work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Arwa and Sakina, we at TheWomenz team express our earnest appreciation for sharing your unique story with us. We believe it will surely stimulate fellow women in every country and continent in the world.


Arwa Amranwala and Sakina Bagasrawala can be reached on Linkedin, Facebook & Instagram 

First Published: 03-Jul-2017- 18:05