Saxophonist Unstoppable! ~Anjali Shanbhogue

Anjali Shanbhogue is zealous about playing her favourite musical instrument - Saxophone. She has given over 1,000 performances in India and overseas, and she is still going strong. What began as a hobby is now her lifelong passion!

The Womenz Bureau had an opportunity to interview Anjali Shanbhogue, and here’s what she shared with us

A saxophonist from Udupi, Karnataka, INDIA, she has been into music since 15 years.  Anjali  is a B.E graduate.

Hobbies and skills 

I have got lot of hobbies like reading novels,  drawing, singing,  dancing and most of all playing saxophone is the priority that i have given to when it comes to hobbies and i have made it my profession.

How you got introduced to Saxophone?

I had been to a marriage with my grandmother (naani) when i was just 8 years old. There my grandmother found a little girl playing saxophone and she just enjoyed that view and started putting interest in me about how good it will be if i play saxophone like her. She told if I indulge into such hobbies people will start recognizing me and i would be famous one day when i grow up. That’s how my because of my grandmother’s words that inspired me, i am a saxophonist today. All thanks to her for pushing me towards this wonderful instrument.

The Learning

Learning was difficult in the beginning since i was just 8 years old. I was very short for the saxophone’s height. I used to sit on two pillows to reach the saxophone’s height and used to play it. Because of my Guru’s patience and support, I could get hold of the saxophone technique and his teaching made me improve my saxophone skills. I initially used to practice for six hours. obviously  every talent we enter into seems difficult in the beginning and needs lots of practice in order to get hold of it and master it because practice makes man perfect.

Saxophone is known as a male dominated music instrument? What was the reaction of your friends, schoolmates and relatives when you started learning it?

Most of them wondered how can a girl play saxophone being such a little girl.  There were negative comments initially but i have proved them today and all have changed their mindset and  everyone encourage and support me today.

Now I play Alto saxophone

Support and Inspiration

My parents,Guru, my accompanists, my well wishers have been my support and everyone who have been in link with me in music field have inspired me in one or the other way may be its by negative or positive way. My mother is my backbone support who has been with me to all my shows and who manages all my shows. Without my mom nothing would have been possible. She is the reason for what i am today.

Anjali with her  father and mother

The first performance

I had given my first performance in a temple in the form of seva to the goddess Durgaparameshwari. I have performed in more than 1000 shows now. I cannot  forget my  first show outside India in Dubai

Your experience with fans & followers

The thing is since i give lot of concerts and meet many people,audiences I don’t remember each one specifically. They remember me but I cant recognize them easily  and I really feel bad for it. People come to me and tell me about where they saw me first but unfortunately I dont’t remember it many a times. Few of them think I am egoistic but I swear I am not doing it intentionally.I really respect each and every person who love me, respect me, support me.

Anjali at the performance 

Future plan 

I really wish and plan to perceive more in music and reach greater heights.

Message to aspiring women out there who are struggling to prove themselves?

Do what you wish to do in your life. Go for it if it gives you happiness and do not bother about what others think about it. It’s your life, your interest,your dream and not their dream. Be happy and dream high. No woman is less than a man. 

Anjali can be reached on facebook

First Published: 11-Feb-2018- 11:40