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Pilot, fashion model, successful entrepreneur...she hugged trials to become strong and succeed. That's our young Australian friend Taryn Williams. There's more to her than meets the eye!

The Womenz team had an opportunity to interact with Ms. Taryn Williams, Founder & CEO, WINK Models /, Australia and here’s what she shared with us

Can you please tell us something about you, your education etc.?

I went to primary and part of high school in Fiji, attending International School Suva, which was an amazing experience. I studied International Relations at Australian National University, and then did a diploma in Marketing. 

I've always had a passion for trying new and challenging things, so I got my pilots licence at 15 because I had always wanted to be able to fly a plane!

How much experience you  have in the world of modelling, media and advertising? Tell us  more about your initial days of career 

I started modelling when I was about 15 years old. I loved the opportunity to travel, meet and work with so many incredibly talented and creative people, and be a part of some really fun campaigns. I began producing events and advertising stills campaigns when I was about 20, working on Fashion Week, Optus shoots, and really learning so much more about the client and brand side of the industry.

I launched WINK models when I was 21.

What made you to start  WINK Models & Please explain the story behind.

I launched WINK models because whilst I loved the industry, there were so many things that I wanted to change and that I could see could be done better and benefit all parties involved. I based the company on the premise that clients and talent would be treated well, and that models would be paid within 7 days, which was unheard of in the industry. I set out to build a company where talent felt safe and supported, and clients got great service and results. 10 years later, we still have the same values and still pay all of our talent within 7 days, and have built an incredible and loyal client base. is nearly a year old, and was launched because of the changes in the advertising industry, with the shift towards digital content and the advent of the social media influencer. is an online marketplace connecting brands to the creative talent they need for their campaigns - from photographers to models, makeup artists, influencers, bloggers, videographers and so much more. We knew brands needed to produce more content than ever before, and required faster, more efficient, more affordable service. We knew talent wanted the opportunity to control their own careers, manage and build their personal brand, and be paid safely and securely. So was born to solve the pain points of clients and talent, and ensure seamless booking, payment and reviews online.

As a women did  you face any hurdles in your journey so far?  If yes,  how you faced & conquered them? 

I think thats the fantastic thing about being an entrepreneur, or owning your own company, is that you don't face the glass ceilings that are perhaps present in some more traditional fields or sectors. I havent faced any specific problems being a woman in business. I've faced so many challenges over the years, but no different to any male entrepreneur or business owner. 

What are the USP’s of WINK Models &

At WINK, our USP is the diversity of talent that we offer in the commercial modelling sphere, along with the service we offer to our clients - we truly are on their side and committed to delivering a great outcome.

At we are the only marketplace for creative talent, globally, allowing clients to find top quality, hand-picked Models, Influencers, Photographers, Stylists and more Creative Talent for their next job, faster and more efficiently than ever before. It truly is creative talent, on demand.

Your further growth plans for the year and coming years? is a high growth tech company, so we plan to expand and grow very quickly over the next 12 months. We're looking to enter new markets internationally, plus expanding the breadth of offering here in Australia. It's incredibly exciting times!

WINK already has over 650 models Australia wide, and that will continue to grow. We have Australia's most diverse offering in terms of age, ethnicities, size and and skills and will continue to expand to show a truly representative talent pool. 

What are the other ventures you are associated with? And  your roles there?

I'm on the board of TechSydney, an entrepreneur-led industry group that connects, supports and promotes the tech industry in Sydney. We’re committed to making Sydney one of the most desirable places in the world to have a high-growth tech company. Great ecosystems support everyone in them and provide the right conditions to succeed. To achieve this we’re working with the industry, federal, state and local government, media, business and Australians everywhere.

I'm also on the board of AIMIA, the Digital Industry Association of Australia, representing companies that have embraced the digital world and organisations that provide digital services and solutions in the online, social, mobile, cloud and internet of things space. Leading the digital industry through an exchange of ideas and insights, we support digital industry professionals to advance their skills through education and resources.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

Making the Top 30 under 30 list was a pretty memorable moment for me! I'd have to say building a successful company in WINK, that has grown every year, year on year, for 10 years, and the incredible team that I have that has made that possible, is my proudest achievement. Building the business to the point where it has the reputation, systems, processes and team so that I could step away from the day to day and move into a strategic advisory role, and throw myself into another start up, I think is quite an achievement too. 

Any message to aspiring female artists/models out there who are struggling to prove themselves?

Its not easy. Its not supposed to be easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it! Embrace the challenges as an opportunity to grow and learn and improve yourself. 

We The Womenz team thank her for sharing her story with us. We are sure that her story will certainly inspire our readers.

Ms. Taryn Williams can be reached on Linkedin, Instagram, twitter

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First Published: 05-Apr-2017- 17:15