Women are changing logistics industry

LogiNext is the leading name in logistics prevalent in 10 countries, and young entrepreneur Manisha Raisinghani's archetype is inspiring other women to make inroads into the male-dominated industry

The Womenz team had an opportunity to interact with Ms. Manisha Raisinghani, Co-Founder, LogiNext, India.  Here is what she shared with us 


Can you please tell us something about you. Your education and family background.

I am, have been, and would always be an achiever. This may sound immodest, but I am just proud of this streak in me. Even in my younger days I kept trying multiple things until I found the best results. This doesn’t mean that there is no failure in my path. Being an achiever means that I keep trying and working for something better, regardless of the repercussions. Some days are better than others when, alongside my team, I manage to set up breakthrough disruptions. Other days, we persevere. I am an achiever, because I never give up. This is who I am, and this how I have set up the leading tech enterprise in logistics and field workforce optimization.

My education was always a factor in my personal growth. Back at Carnegie Mellon University, Dhruvil Sanghvi and myself, we capitalized on each learning opportunity that we received. We specialized in ‘Analytics and Optimization’, and the seed of building the next transformational technology in logistics took root. We knew we had the ideas and insight to create something unique and masterful. It was just a matter of time. And we knew our time had come. After being senior consultants at IBM and Deloitte, we banded together to lay the foundations of LogiNext. And the rest is history.

I have come from a Sindhi background, where business and risk were the same thing. Risk never had that a negative connotation in my family. Risk was always something we accounted for. Growing up with this, I never constrained my mind with what I couldn’t do. Even when the onus of continuing my family’s business came to me, I took the decision to branch out on my own. I wanted to create a niche of my own. Now, looking back, I am glad I took the leap of faith, and that I backed myself to fulfil my vision.

Tell us more on the company and its objective?

LogiNext has established itself as the leading name in logistics and field workforce optimization. We have more than a billion functional data points that work to triangulate any location with more than 98% accuracy, the highest in the industry. Companies regularly associate with us to completely transform their logistics and field service management set-up from a cost center to a highly functional value adding activity. Our objective revolves around the most interesting factor in the field service management industry which is location analytics. We have already claimed a decent market-share and have set standards with our patented AI algorithms, however, we now aim at becoming a global leader in logistics technology arena, boosting the most accurate location analytics solution.

The business model that worked for your company?

LogiNext provides SaaS products for logistics and field serviceoptimization through real-time visibility in shipments and field workforce. LogiNext successfully caters to multiple industries such as Retail, Courier, Express & Parcel, BFSI, FMCG and, E-commerce logistics, and Manufacturing businesses. LogiNext helps them track their shipments and on-field workforce in real time and minimize losses and delays occurring due to high logistics cost and operational uncertainties.

Salesperson management, for example, can be optimized to a level, where the analysis can be used to drive sales growth, as well as leverage opportunities to increase customer satisfaction. Field workforce can then be transformed into a juggernaut, that would raise a company’s value proposition ten-fold.

Tell us about your products and how do they work?

We have different products that cater to different aspects of a client’s resource management. Location analysis coupled with superior automation tools direct the resources to their full potential.

LogiNext Force manages the efforts of the entire field workforce of a company. Integrating resource allocation while factoring every minute sales or task data from an analysis perspective. Every day, there would be some breakthrough learning that you would then be ready to imbibe into your continuous proceedings. Essentially, you can automate the on-field workforce making it easier to swiftly manage large man power with just a few clicks.LogiNext Mile is designed specifically to cater to the last leg of logistics, which is last mile. We observed the unorganized nature of this sector and came up with a multifaceted solution which enhances the overall visibility of the last mile operations by adding real-time delivery boy tracking and optimization. LogiNext Haul caters to the freight level businesses where intracity linehaul express resource management needs to be optimized and automated. Real-time updates using location analysis taking into consideration our exhaustive data point network helps our clients to streamline their activities. With the Uberization of freight taking center stage across the world, we can proudly say, that we called this out years ago.

LogiNext On-Demand is our transcendent product which came out as the disrupting concept, which it is, and has since then been accepted as an industry standard. On-demand offers complete visibility for the client while they perform on-demand delivery allocation and real-time capacity management using our integrated tools. LogiNext Reverse, as the name suggests, seamlessly integrates multiple source pick-up points with a singular destination hub point. This covers the latest return service feature of various retail and e-commerce companies. Such features and their relative feasibility adds another dimension to the service standards of our clients.

Which is the first industry that you started your services? How was the experience?

Industries integration was high even when we began, as our key functionalities were universally applicable. The first industry we capitalized on, was retail and distribution.  We next raised our expertise in the manufacturing sector, followed then by the transportation industry. Banking and finance industry was a natural transgression for our field workforce management product, LogiNext Force. We have been a part of the rise and domination of the e-commerce industry in Asia providing end-to-end logistics management technology.

Credibility in the logistics management field comes more with top-notch solutions and excellent client support system. Initially we had to prove our credentials by assurances and forecasts based on extensive use-case scenarios. Now, as we have a rich history of satisfied clients, our reputation precedes us wherever we go. The credibility has increased ten-fold. But the expectations have increased much more to than that. These expectations push us to keep the innovation drive running. Every day is a new day for innovation and breakthrough for us.

What are the challenges/hurdles you faced at the beginning?

Lifting a company up from ground zero takes great effort and dedication. Dhruvil and I had the dedication and we put in the efforts. For us, it was still something barely bound in comprehension. We had our plans and our strategies, and we believed in them. We set up our operations one step at a time. I still remember our first hire. This person came in, had a look around and never showed up for the second day. Our set-up then, was substantially subdued, as per our current standards. We kept managing breakthroughs on those systems as we gradually the list of our satisfied clients. Pretty soon we moved into our formal office with the highest grade of system architecture to launch us onto the frontline of logistics tracking and optimization products. Our algorithms have always been our differentiating factor. As we scaled from 1 to 10X our service potential grew with us as, the algorithms themselves were extremely dynamic, responsive, and self-learning. Now on a stage where we are scaling much beyond that level, we have integrated multiple high-end functionalities with our products incrementing their cult status in the industry.

How did you graduate further?

There wasn’t a moment where we doubted ourselves. We knew we were holding a winning hand. It was down to patience, control, and tireless efforts. Our days were not restricted by hours. Sometimes weekends flew by before we knew it. But it wasn’t a problem, as we were building something grand. Our entire team worked for the same vision. It is said, that when all the talents of a group of individuals is harnessed and processed in the same direction, greatness is achieved. The experience of each team member has been at least three times more fruitful here, then they might have had at any other company. We encourage empowerment and intrapreneurship across all our teams. Our past is decorated with such brilliant endeavors from talented teams.

We seek out challenges as opportunities to drive innovation. To do this we figured a requirement of dedicated analytics and machine learning professionals to hasten the speed of innovation at the company. We wanted torchbearers in respective domains that could spearhead development. To achieve this, we partnered with leading Universities to recruit the cream of the crop. We then created an environment best suited to direct these professionals to reach their utmost potential of their talents.Late last year, we indulged in a hugely successful event, Techkathon. This was a unique hackathon, where our tech master players were competing for the esteem of being the most innovative. They architecture brilliant product features within the 24-hour time frame, which we then fast-tracked into our core technology. This just shows the pace of growth that we work on.

All this has led to us being the biggest name in field workforce optimization across the world. We are now prevalent in more than 10 countries, and counting.

Which industry contributes to the maximum revenue generation of your company?

Revenue generation is one aspect of the spectrum, the other aspect is the mutual trusting and loyal relation. Whichever client we have associated with has been a collaboration, where we have worked together to better their services. This goes beyond revenue. We cater to a lot of different industries; our products are designed in such a way that if a customer has a highly specific requirement he or she can opt for the product which best suites their need. We have decent market share in multiple industries. However, for the sake of argument, I can highlight retail and e-commerce as the key industries with the most growth potential in terms of revenue.

Tell us about your total workforce and how do their valuable contribution help the progress of your company?

Our team members are an integral part of our growth. We actively invest in people and their all-around development. We believe that every person in our team is blessed with amazing potential. We try to create an environment where they are motivated enough to express their basest thoughts and instincts. We function on a decentralized and open door policy. We all work collaboratively towards a common goal. Through this, we have created a companywide brainstorming platform. A core team of five members can tap into a consolidated potential of more than 100 other colleagues. This has been another driving force behind our speed of innovation in the company.

What is your take on the logistic industry?

Logistics industry has moved from traditional mindsets towards modern concepts. Repetitive and time consuming activities such as scheduling and resource allocation are now being automated. While this is happening, the senior management have more time to concentrate on strategies and their subsequent execution. They are basing these strategies more on analytics. Another major shift is the acceptance of customer expectations as a factor in business strategies. Customers demand much more that the basic functionalities of the past. They want real-time tracking with an interactive system where they can update their requirements on the go. These factors, and many more, are transforming the entire industry, and growing ‘technology’ out of basic support, and into core business competency. Following this, the industry stands to grow to more than $2 billion in SaaS based products alone.

Manisha receiving NetApp Award for IT Innovation 2016 at the hands of Mr. Kapil Dev

As a woman did you face any challenges from market or competitors?

There is some reluctance when it comes to a whole-hearted acceptance of a woman’s role in the logistics industry. I regularly interact with many CIOs and CEOs who are still taken aback that a woman has led a company to such great heights. I guess the logistics industry has always been a male dominated one. But I must say, the industry is evolving. Now women are finding their way into key technology and operations profiles, and bringing about a transformation. The industry rewards abilities and ambition. Women are gradually proving that gender is just a tick mark on a form. It doesn’t make any difference whatsoever in a person’s talent.

Your views on digitalization in today's time and how does it help one's business?

Digitization has seen exemplary growth in the logistics sector, with end-to-end service visibility is the new gamechanger. If you run an e-commerce company, your logistics manager must use an integrated dashboard where they can control the activities of all delivery personnel, allocating deliveries, while managing delivery status across geographic sectors. Total visibility enables the manager to react quickly in line of any service disruption, making subsequent changes in real-time. Online tracking and optimizing routesthrough mobile apps would then cut down delivery costs by bringing down overall delivery time. Add to this the benefit of justified ETAs for the end-customer, and you are in a win-win situation. Digitization, optimization, and automation, is not ‘an’ option, it’s the ‘only’ option.

Manisha receiving Aegis Graham Bell Award for big data and innovation category. LogiNext won it consecutively for 2 years 2015 and 2016

Your expectations from the government for this industry?

Government regulations affect any industry. Any company has to adapt to the environment that they function in.However, infrastructure is a priority for all developing and developed countries. Efficient infrastructure is now globally recognized as the key to development. The logic behind investing in infrastructure, is the same with investing in the top-notch logistics management system. A commitment to development follows the ideals of optimization and automation. Governments across the world have understood the correlation between a boost in logistics industry, and subsequent effects across all other industries. Such realizations would see a significant rise in government-backed impetuses to the logistics industry.

Your further growth plans for the year and coming years?

LogiNext, in the near future, would consolidate its position at the top with the best field service and logistics optimization companies in the world. We have been accredited and felicitated with awards over the years for our quality and excellence. We would continue our winning ways by doing what we do best, build the best product UI and technology that streamlines and optimizes the client’s activities in the most economic manner. We will maintain our exponential growth by increasing our revenue by 300% by next year. Further down the years, by the turn of the decade, we would raise our global market presence from 10 to around 30 countries. As we proceed on this path, we would localize our products for each of these countries by customizing the solutions and features as per the business culture of the destination country.

Any message to aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Female entrepreneurs should always know in their hearts, that they are ‘entrepreneurs’ first. You should mentally disassociate from the stereotypes that the world puts across for women. You are successful entrepreneur, and that is because of your intellect, your talent, your ambition, and your leadership capacity. You should also take opportunities to dismiss the stereotypes against women from the collective minds of the world. A few years ago, the change began, now it has taken effect and you see more female entrepreneurs around. In the future, these changes would grow deeper within global markets. Just back yourselves to achieve your own unique vision, believe in your abilities, and lead from the front. At this rate, in the future, there would no longer be a question differentiating entrepreneurs into male and female. All opportunities would be equal.


We The Womenz team thank her for sharing her story with us. We are sure that her story and  views will certainly inspire our readers.

Manisha can be reached on Linkedin, twitter

First Published: 07-Apr-2017- 20:10