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Shobha Baraskar


Raising a family of husband, two sons and one daughter – and at the same time running your business successfully is no piece of cake. In fact, it is a difficult tightrope walk where only a few can preserve an exact balance.

Among those rare species is a Mumbai housewife, Shobha Baraskar, the Founder and inspiration of The Womenz.

This is an uplifting account of the transformation of a simple housewife with no experience in doing business into a daring businesswoman.Born and brought up in a well-to-do family in Kolhapur, city in Western Maharashtra (India), Shobha was the eldest among five siblings. In those days, education for girls was not a priority, so she helped her mother in household chores and took care of younger siblings.

She got married at an early age of 19 to an entrepreneur who started his own business as goldsmith. The young couple’s married life began in a rented, small one-room-kitchen home. Since the husband’s work required him to travel frequently, she shouldered all family responsibilities of nurturing and educating her children.

It seems Shobha, too, possessed entrepreneur instinct that prompted her to open a garment and saree shop – a small business run from a small room in her flat. She was ambitious, self-confident and determined not to give up because of any pressure. Steadily, her business became a full-time vocation which earned generous profit and goodwill of increasing number of customers. Her hard work, commitment to family and success secured social status for the family.

However, her deepening concern for the family’s wellbeing took precedence over business interests. She decided to close her garment and saree shop, and focused her attention on the children’s education. By now, her husband’s business was flourishing, which kept him very occupied. In his frequent absence, Shobha took important decisions and bravely handled all family tasks on her own.

Now that her three children are grown up and well-settled, and the husband retired, she wants to help other women realize their own competence and talents and contribute to society through The Womenz.

With her gumption and unbridled enthusiasm, Shobha Baraskar has shown that any woman with determination can achieve what she wants, and can play an important role in the family’s economy even while remaining inconspicuous.